Our Commitment to Quality




We hold a number of certifications relevant to our customers’ applications, such as aerospace and medical manufacturing operations.





Supplier Quality

Supplier compliance to our Total Quality Management Program is a critical part of our quality system.

TQMP Document


Quality Policy

Achieve the highest level of quality and service through our dedication to:

 – Maintain the effectiveness of our Quality Management System

 – Comply to all applicable standards and regulatory requirements

 – Satisfy the customer by meeting or exceeding requirements

 – Drive continuous improvement

Our Management Team is committed to providing leadership and resources to carry out this policy.





Environmental Policy

Minimizing impact on the environment

ISO 14001 certified. Our policy is to conduct all global activities in a manner that minimizes impacts on the environment and protects the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers, and the community. All employees are responsible and accountable for the successful implementation of this policy.

 – Meet or exceed all applicable EHS legal requirements and other     requirements to which we subscribe.

  – Implement continual improvement of our EHS management systems and performance.

 – Actively promote pollution prevention and waste minimization in order to conserve our natural resources, and will ensure the proper disposal of waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.